by Submachine

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released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Submachine Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Submachine is Pittsburgh through-and-through: Magnificent in its successes, historic in its failures, stubborn in each."


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Track Name: People
People... maybe they got it bad
People... maybe know they've been had
People... maybe will take it out on you
People... maybe they're just blue

Let's see if we can fuck it up
Let's see if we can fuck it up
Let's see if we can fuck it up
Let's see if we can fuck it up

People... maybe we can't cope
People... maybe there's no hope
People... maybe there's good too
People... maybe we're all fools
Track Name: Meth Lab P2: Frantic
No never
I'm a goner
Can't tell me
Nothing I'm not
A believer
It's not the
It's so abstract

I don't need
I don't
I don't know tact

The shame of the game
and a matter of fact
In spite of you
is how I react
It's no surprise
that my own demise
Hinges in this world of
piss vinegar

It's that I'm
Insane in
The same way
That I don't
Know how to say
Please I'm no
I pick my mad
Arrange my brain

There is
That I won't
Cease to siege

Solution to my
Lies in the
Of your train of thought
before veins run out
Of panic and frantic
and frantic is me my I I I
Track Name: We're All We Got
Voices of change and revolution
Limited to whispers, back room grumblings
What have we done, what have we changed

Are we stagnant and in a big rut
What have we fixed in this broke joint
Impotent voices, what have we changed
No change

Cause we're all we got, we're all we got

Those that got lost and written well off
They still remain in tiny black hearts
Choices seem few under the crush

Regrets for sure and questions persist
The meaning of being pissed down the drain
We sally forth bloodied, unbowed

Cause we're all we got, we're all we got

When life gets real hard and the options are slim
These are the bastards through thick and thin

Cause we're all we got